In accordance to Section 68 and 70 of The Waste Prevention and Management Regulation, 2012, Drug Regulatory Authority is responsible to monitor and issue guidelines for the prevention and management of wastes stemming from medicinal products while Private Pharmacies are responsible for the cost of its disposal.
Pharmaceutical waste disposal guidelines 2013 developed by DRA has been approved as interim measure by National Environment Commission.
Therefore, this is to notify all the concerned private pharmacy retailers and pharmacy wholesalers to contact DRA office latest by 20th October, 2014 for transporting your pharmaceutical wastes to DRA identified stores.
As approved by Bhutan Medicines Board during their 13th Board meeting, following charges will be applicable for each kilogram of waste.

1. Nu. 5/- Collection site at Thimphu DRA office
2. Nu. 4/- Collection site at DRA branch office, Old Medical Supply Depot Building, Phuntsholing.

For further details, contact Jigme Tenzin, Regulatory Officer, DRA.


Sonam Dorji
Drug Controller

Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA), Thimphu is pleased to announce vacancies for in-service candidates as follows:

This is to share with all the employees of the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) on the notification of the Royal Civil Service Commission (Ref: MISD/RCSC/5/2014/nil dated 5 Sept. 2014) posted on the RCSC website regarding the RCSC's initiative on the information correction exercises across all civil service agencies. As indicated in the notification, all DRA civil servants are urged to check your records in the Civil Service Information (CSIS) and report the discrepancies accordingly. To view the notification click on the above link. 

Please take the RCSC notification seriously.


Sonam Dorji  

Drug Controller 

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